Community Responsibility

Think Global, Act Local

Hawaii not only defines the Kahala lifestyle, it is where we live. It is our responsibility to take care of it and we take this ethos seriously. Our company has been recognized by the Aloha United Way as being among the most generous for it’s size. Our employee participation is near 100%. In addition, we support a number of local causes and charities such as The Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii Public Radio, The  Institute for Human Services, The Red Cross, American Heart Association, to name but a few. We will continue to explore new ways to support our community in the years ahead.

Kahala is committed to manufacturing a product in Hawaii. Over 50% of Kahala’s products are cut and sewn in Hawaii and proudly wear the made in Hawaii, USA label.  After all, can it really be an Aloha Shirt if it is not made in Hawaii? For the products that we are unable to produce in Hawaii, we use factories that are compliant with WRAP labor standards. You can learn about this at

Our Environment

Hawaii is one of the most oil dependent states in the nation. Over 90% of our state’s electrical power currently comes from oil-powered generators. Through our parent company, we at Kahala have taken dramatic steps towards energy independence and carbon emissions reduction. In December of 2008, construction was completed on our 157 Kilowatt photovoltaic system. In 2010 we added an additional 110 Kilowatts, for a .25 megawatt sized system that both powers our facilities but also provides clean energy for our community. These multi-million dollar systems provides 95% of our daily electrical power, making Kahala one of the worlds first apparel brands to derive the majority of it’s power from alternative energy.

We will continue to do our best to act responsibly to ensure our supply chain is sustainable, ethical and as green as possible. 

Aloha & Mahalo,