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John Wayne


Imagine if you will, John Wayne is slowly walking down the beach in Waikiki, having just filmed a scene for "Big Jim McLain". He throws on a shirt adorned with flowers and fish and other island motifs, and buttons it up as the wind rustles through the coconut trees lining the shore.

John has been coming to Hawaii for years, enticed by the island lifestyle; the ocean, the vivid colors, and the promise of adventure. The legendary Mai Tai Bar at The Royal Hawaiian is a favorite spot and his friend, Nat Norfleet Sr., is waiting for him there. Often on his trips John would visit with Nat, who along with George Brangier started Kahala Sportswear in 1936, the company that made the shirt John is wearing. As the exotic allure of the island lifestyle continues to draw in celebrities and travelers alike, shirts like his are seen on those embracing and enjoying the resort life. Aloha shirts were born in Hawaii, and Kahala was there at the beginning.


Carrying the tradition since 1936, we have produced and manufactured aloha shirts from our headquarters in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Our in-house art department creates one-of-a-kind prints that we feel good about wearing and want you to as well. We carry a bit of the Waikiki beach boy spirit in our hearts, enjoy life and are always up for adventure. With respect to our heritage, each season we carry a selection of reproduced prints that represent our longstanding history. As a family owned local business, we are dedicated towards manufacturing the majority of our product locally whenever possible.

We believe in quality. We believe in art. We believe in work but more play. We are the Original Aloha Shirt Since 1936.

Pictured above from left to right: Nat Norfleet Jr., John Wayne, Elsie (floor manager), and Esperanza Baur (John's 2nd wife)
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