Makai - Boy's Shirt

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Makai, Hawaiian for “toward the sea” is a collaborative print with Oah’u renown artist Nick Kuchar. Featuring some of his favorite coastal elements, the indigenous naupaka kahakai and hala plants add an organic vibe to this lifestyle print. Visually very different, one has soft rounded leaves with an iconic half-flower shape while the other resembles leathery sword-like leaves. However, their similarities lie in their resilient ability to grow in salt spray, windy, dry and hot conditions, which ultimately allow them to flourish on our coastline.

Nick Kuchar is an Oahu based artist who creates vintage inspired surf and travel art featuring his favorite locations throughout Hawai’i. His creative process takes him around the islands where he looks for inspiration paddling out at surf breaks and going on hikes.


Product Details

  • 100% Cotton Broadcloth
  • Peached finish
  • Artwork by Nick Kuchar
  • Matched pocket
  • Made in Hawaii, USA
  • Machine wash
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